Unpredictable Things Beginner Poker Players Do

You may have heard of the saying “beginners luck” when sitting at a poker table. But is it really luck when a beginner confuses opponents to rake the chips in? Beginners can be quite awkward to play against and have unorthodox moves that can trick opponents. In this post we are going to share some unpredictable moves that beginner poker players do so you are prepared next time you play a low stakes game online or at the local casino.

Minimum Betting
Making a minimum bet is an unpredictable play you’ll see beginners make from time to time. The problem with this bet is that it might be weak for some novices and the nuts with others. The key to understanding which is to observe the player type and note down the hand strength so you can tag them. Rarely will a beginner use a minimum bet for both strong and weak hands. There’s no good poker cheat sheet online that promotes min betting as you’re just giving opponents excellent odds to chase down.

Donk Betting
Something considered taboo for a winning player is frequently executed by beginners with donk betting. A donk bet is where you’ve called a raise before the flop out of position then bet right into the raiser. It’s a strange and unpredictable move that takes opponents by surprise. Regulars will often just fold in frustration, but you should be inclined to call and see if they continue as often a turn bet will take the pot down.

Moving All in
If you’ve spent any amount of time in micro stakes cash games you’ll see the “all in” move used with regularity. Beginners tend to use this play, often with the nuts. They get excited and want to get the most possible. However, most regulars know that betting all your chips is rarely the best bet to make. A disclaimer with this move is that some aggressive beginners may use this bet as a bluff so it’s important to watch out and be always on guard.

There you have it, three unpredictable moves you’ll find beginners make at the poker tables. The donk bet, min bet and moving all in are plays you can now expect to see when you venture online to tackle novices. The important thing to remember is that all three are exploitable based on observation. Now you know what beginners are doing, you should be prepared to take them down in the future.

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