The Top Ten Bitcoin Exchanges Available for Casino Players

Online casinos continue to look for new ways to increase their customer base. Many offer cryptocurrency as an option for deposit. In no particular order, these are ten currency exchanges. We will be focusing on Bitcoin.


Gemini exchange was created by the Winklevoss Twins in 2015. The Gemini dollar (GUSD), which is the eponymous Gemini, is one among the top altcoin buying options.


Kraken, which was established in 2011, offers users the opportunity to select from dozens cryptocurrencies. Geographic restrictions are normal. The following currencies can be used by casino players to purchase one: USD, EUR/GBP, CAD or JPY. Although the fees are minimal and do decrease with the scale of the transaction, you will need to pay $50,000 for the first slice. This is because it’s more targeted at traders or those who have more money than the average man. This applies unless you have a lucky streak and win big in a casino.

Bittrex offers a huge selection of altcoins. The only way to buy altcoins is USD. This may be ironic given the vast selection. This place has the largest number of virtual currencies.


LocalBitcoins stands in the exact opposite position of Bittrex. This Finnish-based cryptocurrency exchange offers only one cryptocurrency. However, it has a lot of fiat currencies which can be purchased. Bitcoin is still the dominant online casino currency. Individuals can purchase in USD or EUR. Deposits can be made via bank transfer, cash or ewallets like PayPal. It is easy to sell and buy with Bitcoins for free. There is a 1% charge for complete trades between users who have created advertisements. Received Bitcoin sums are subject to a fee. These fees can vary.


Coinbase is the United States’ largest cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded June 2012 A year after its creation, Coinbase raised 25m in venture capital funding. It is an unprecedented amount for a Bitcoin startup. It provides services for multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. People can purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using traditional fiat money. However, they can also buy another cryptocurrency using their existing fiat money (there is a wide range of fiat options). It will vary by country, but between 5-15 currencies are generally available.


Coinmama can be found in Bratislava. It is the capital city of Slovakia. The Coinmama platform does not charge depositing or bank transfer fees. Although it is commonplace, this is an excellent option. Transaction fees can be higher than other platforms and there is a limit on how much you can purchase (both daily, and monthly). If there are any problems, you will find a vast array of currencies available. There is also excellent customer support. It’s a dilemma of convenience on one hand, and higher-than-usual fees on the other.

This Hong Kong exchange was founded in 2019. Since then, it has focused on trading and created many derivative products. This exchange is very popular among professionals traders. However, does it work for the newcomers? It is probably not. You can’t buy the underlying assets. Bitcoin options contracts that are USD-expiring might be the closest. This site is great for those who are interested in trading futures, but beginners may find other platforms more accessible. A small number of countries, including the United States, are unable to access this site.

The London-based exchange lets users purchase Bitcoin and approximately two dozen other cryptos in USD. EUR. GBP. RUB. Apart from the easy instant buy, there is a multi-functional currency exchange that is used daily by over a thousand people. Trades can be made via website, WebSocket, WebSocket, or REST API. This makes it convenient for newcomers to Bitcoin while also making it useful for more experienced users. The daily deposit and withdrawal limits rise with your level, and they are unlimited for corporate or enhanced levels. Transaction fees are reasonable. They decrease with higher trade volumes, but there are withdrawal charges.

Mercado Bitcoin

Brazil is South America’s leading economy. The most popular cryptocurrency exchange is Mercado. It is the top digital asset trading site in Latin America. Users can use the platform to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other virtual currencies. It recently announced plans that it will add Chiliz, which are sports tokens, to its portfolio.

Bitfinex is another Hong Kong-based exchange that offers Bitcoin, USD, EUR, GBP and JPY purchasing options. The site is better suited for traders who are proficient in fiat/crypto interoperability. Two-factor authentication and encryption via e mail are available. There are also trading opportunities, such as derivatives and exchange, through the website and mobile app. Just the trading aspect can make playing at online casinos with cryptocurrency even more enjoyable.

Top ten Online Casinos with Best Payment Options

Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular as an option for making deposits at the best online casinos. There are many great casino sites that accept multiple payment types. You can click the link to find some great recommendations. Not only are there top online casinos accepting cryptocurrency, but players also have the opportunity to receive golden hellos through introductory bonuses. There are even bonuses available for cryptocurrency players!

Bitcoin is the leading online betting site that accepts cryptocurrency. So players looking for an alternative deposit method may find one or two of these sites useful. Bitcoin can be slightly more volatile than fiat currencies.

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